QA, QC & Testing

Quality is the major attribute of any product or application in the IT sector. Set norms and standards are to be rigorously followed during the development and testing of any project. Ydel is a leader in providing QA, QC & Testing services to the major IT companies to maintain the standards.

As the saying goes, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine’ testing is an essential phase for any given product or application. Ydel offers QA, QC &Testing services fora wide range of applications. We at Ydel, believe that taking third party help for quality procedures greatly enhances the quality of the product or service you develop. Our team of quality professionals closely works with your development team to keep the process on the right track.

Following are the areas where we provide our testing services

  • Testing automation :
    Automating testing processes scales down the time required for overall development. It also reduces the chance of human errors. It is powerful enough to consider requirements of various complex technologies at the same time. Cost effective development is the prime objective of implementing test automation at Ydel.

  • Regression Testing :
    In a typical enterprise application development scenario, requirement changes occur every now and then. It is the duty of the testing team to check if the new functionality introduced affects any old functionality of the application. Regression tests conducted at specific time intervals help reduce the possible breakdowns.

  • Performance Testing :
    Before launching the application in the real world, its performance should be thoroughly tested. An application doing good in demo stage can crash when unexpected load is put on it. At Ydel, we create scenarios to test your applications that are likely to be faced in the real world.

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