Contract to Hire / Permanent Hire

Searching for skilled professionals requires dedicated time and efforts. When you need to hire contract-to-hire or permanent staff for your business, we are there to help you. From our readymade list of professionals, we serve you with the most suitable professionals to choose from.

Thousands of websites and online businesses have enormous collection of information regarding the working professionals or fresher in the field of technology. It would be a long and tiring process for searching professional with the desired criteria. With our large database and perfectly designed search algorithms we can furnish required details in limited time. Demand for the top level technology experts is low in market. With our database, we can give you contact for such IT talent which is available for contract-to-hire category.

You might have some additional expectations while you look for permanent hire. You require to asses them over commitment and technical skills as well. We offer innovative and perfect process of recruitment that will help you select staff members. Let us know your requirements prior to commencement of your project and we will take care of short-listing of candidates, technical interviews and other such processes. If required, your experts can take part in the interview process and assess the candidates on the given criteria. Ydel experts can also be a part of the salary negotiations process to see that the candidate starts to work for you as early as possible.

We can handle the contract-to-hire and permanent hire for industries such as healthcare, power, agriculture, financial institutes, and banking sector.

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