Ydel staffing services offers experts in the construction sector. We have a talent pool of qualified construction professionals for all kinds of job profiles in the sector. This industry always needs new talents. We can say this is a booming industry and will go a long way.

We carry a proper recruitment process for the following construction work profiles

  • Engineers
  • Cost and estimation professionals
  • Design experts or Architects
  • Project Management experts
  • Skilled construction labors
  • Materials Management professionals

We have an up-to-date database of the professionals working in the construction field along with their educational qualifications and experience in the specialized fields. Every client requires different set of skill-set for handling their construction projects. For example, housing construction requires different kind of professionals whereas dam construction has different criteria for selecting candidates. We cater to these different requirements of our clients and provide them with the staff having the corresponding skills.

A team of construction workers has to fight tough conditions in the field and in the workplace too. So it is required that these teams have better co-ordination to progress and complete the work within short deadlines.

Understanding blue print is another major quality that is expected from a person working in the field of construction. Ydel supplies staff to our client after assessing them on these parameters.