Offshore Development Centre

Simply put, ODC is the concept where a group of developers acts as a development center for the client and assembles solutions as per client’s requirements. In reality it is not that simple. Many intricacies are involved in setting up and running ODC for a CMM level client. The functionality developed at the ODC is as per the standards and precise requirements of the client.

Ydel assists the client’s company for setting-up and running the development center in India. We have the experience of handling ODC operations for the CMM -4 level clients located in other countries.

Advantages of having ODC with Ydel are as follows-

  • Addition in the overall skills of the company.
  • Resources available at lower costs, so ODC is the best cost effective solution.
  • Products developed as per adherence to the client’s standards.
  • Teams can be expanded as per the business trends.
  • Benefits of extended time due to time-zone difference.

The situation of all businesses is not safe and secure at all times. So companies must take wise decisions to cut the costs of the operations. Establishing ODC is one such decision that can increase the productivity at reduced costs. With emergence of new technology, it is not possible to train the staff and wait for output. Instead hiring qualified staff with technological expertise and getting the work done in less time is the beneficial solution. Outsourcing is another option but ODC is the best possible solution to tackle the issues.

At Ydel, we provide ODC services for banking, agriculture, energy, finance, and construction sectors. We establish the infrastructure as per the standards defined by the client and also hire the best possible staff for handling the operations at ODC.

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