The energy sector is facing tremendous challenges in terms of government rules and regulations, environment issues and rising demands from the industry. Convergence of the IT sector with the energy sector is a much sought after dream of many companies pioneering in this sector. Planning and infrastructure phases are already taking support from the IT experts and challenges such as conservation and sustainability are in the initial stage.

Ydel offers comprehensive staffing services for this sector by understanding the special demands of clients from energy and utility sector. IT staffing services specially designed for recruiting experts with the knowledge of domain and technology is taken care by our unit. This unit keeps track of the changes happening on the global space. Updates regarding the regulations, legal matters, consumption patterns and stand taken by the nations are few important trends in this sector. Our experts look at every possible positive or negative event that affects the staffing requirement of energy sector.

The demand for high level experts for workflow automation or integration and security personnel is always on a rise in the energy sector. With our efforts to find suitable candidates for such positions, we try to fill up the gaps between demand and supply. We have a large talent pool of expert to choose from. Our up-to-date knowledgebase helps us to provide relevant suggestions to our clients.